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Spider web in a spotlight
Hackers often go after a company’s database and use exposed credentials to do further harm. Here’s how you can protect yourself and monitor for database leaks.
Looking through a single binocular
Don’t spend all your IT asset discovery time doing vertical domain correlation. Here’s how to do horizontal correlation too – and it can be automated!
Typing on a laptop with stethoscope nearby
Over two dozen healthcare companies were hit with cyberattacks in August alone. It’s time to focus on prevention in terms of cybersecurity, not just health.
A pipe disconnected from anything
With new technology comes new vulnerabilities. If a developer isn’t careful, they could easily end up exposing the Kubernetes API to the world, allowing remote attackers in.
Venture studio-backed startup allows companies to prevent cyberattacks and ransomware by running pentests 24/7/365.
JavaScript Source Maps
Here’s how bad actors can use JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular to attack the frontend of your application…and how to stop them.
Image of a lock on a keyboard
Managed security service providers (MSSPs) can now meet their clients’ compliance requirements with a scalable, automated, agentless pentest that offers a huge ROI.
Dragon sitting on castle wall breathing fire
If our company is our castle, we’ve built walls and moats and iron gates. So we’re protected, right? The issue is this…what is the point of building a wall if our enemy can fly?
The 1-Day Race: A Technical Look Into 1-Day Exploits
A 1-day is a brand new exploit that an attacker can take advantage of before an organization gets a chance to patch it. Here’s how offensive security experts can use these to expose vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can.