Automated penetration testing for cloud and external; asset tracking and monitoring.

Expose exploits,


You deserve true peace of mind with continuous, automated penetration tests and asset tracking across your enterprise’s cloud and external assets.

Key Features

Empower your team, deploy immediately, generate instant value after onboarding.

Asset Discovery

Easily identify and track all assets

  • Identify domains & sub-domains
  • Monitor cloud environments
  • Scan on-premesis assets, easily

Continuous Pentesting

24/7/365 automated penetration tests

  • Scan for vulnerabilities
  • Be notified of new exploits
  • Monitor cyber-health score

Expose Exploits

Automated tagging of exploits

  • Remove false positives
  • Auto tag exploits to CVE ID
  • Auto-grading of exploit severity

Configurable Collections

Organize assets into hierarchies

  • Group assets however you need
  • Assign teams to collections
  • Build a hierarchy of collections

Organizational Teams

Build and assign teams

  • Organize users and assign teams
  • Permission-based hierarchies
  • Report on team productivity

Actionable Reporting

Generate reports for stakeholders

  • NIST-standard formatting
  • On-demand report generation
  • Scheduled reports & notifications

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor Dark Web compromises

  • Checks email in database for compromised credentials
  • Database of 3,000,000,000 compromised credentials
  • Credential repository Updated daily

Discover and monitor all of your assets in one place!

Red Sentry Benefits

Save time, avoid false positives, truly operationalize security, and manage costs.

I was amazed at the depth of data we received as an automated service that was just as good if not better than penetration tests I have seen over my career. The results were immediate and we can run the scans as often as we want. Now with every technology update we can safely identify threats to our data.

Nick Fraunfelder

CEO, FactorCloud

Automation at Scale

Our Minion module automates the entire penetration testing process including asset discovery & testing




Continuous Testing & Monitoring

24/7/365 pen testing and live feedback enables you to monitor and track your ever-changing cyber landscape




At Bank Shot, security is of utmost importance. Red Sentry has allowed me to exceed expectations for security and testing for my clients and financial institutions. The dashboard makes it easy for my team to identify risks on every level and act quickly on a continual basis.

Emily Traxler

CEO, Bank Shot

Protecting our customer data is a critical part of our business. We chose Red Sentry as our cyber security provider so we know our systems are being tested and monitored 24/7 and that we will be proactively notified of new vulnerabilities.

Sam Powers

CEO, TruckerCloud

Multifactored tooling

Purposefully-built external and cloud-based pen testing and asset monitoring with a single tool




Level up Sec Ops

Empower junior or other skill-gapped team members to improve security capabilities. Level up your sec ops!




We have team members with varying degrees of sec ops experience and security-first principles. Using Red Sentry we’ve been able to level up our entire team by exposing vulnerabilities before they become exploits.

David Sanders

CEO, Firebolt

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks.

Competitive Pricing

Red Sentry offers simple pricing tiers for external and cloud-based environments.


No license fees, pay for only what you use!

Red Sentry is an enterprise cloud penetration testing, asset tracking and monitoring platform designed to save time, operationalize security, and reduce costs.


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