Penetration Testing for Managed Service Providers

The fastest most affordable pentests on the market.

Keep your clients data secure with quick, affordable pentests.

Large ROI for MSPs

Great margins, happy clients

Flexible Partnership Program
As unique as your clients are

Software Platform

For year around monitoring after the test

For IT service providers, it can be challenging to keep your clients’ data secure

Differentiate yourself with Red Sentry

We’re the industry leader in fast and affordable penetration testing. Our unique value comes in combining our fast pentests with our automated platform, keeping your clients protected 24/7/365.

Our software platform is easy, fast, and surprisingly affordable, even for small clients.

Help your clients, and help yourself add a new revenue stream at the same time. Red Sentry can quickly expose a prospect’s exploits, making it easier to win new business and quote accurately. Include as part of your standard services or resell for a large ROI.

Give your clients true peace of mind with continuous offensive security.

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