Client Testimonials

Save time, avoid false positives, truly operationalize security, and manage costs.

Case Study

Defeating the Russians through Cybersecurity

The Healthcare sector has been heavily affected by cyber attacks this past year. As we have so much sensitive data in our business, security is one of my main concerns. Since we’ve been using Red Sentry, I feel more confident because my team knows which patches need to be applied first and how to test them afterwards.” 

Dana White

CTO, American Cosmetic Surgery Network

Continuous Testing & Monitoring

24/7/365 pen testing and live feedback enables you to monitor and track your ever-changing cyber landscape




Multifactored tooling

Purposefully-built external and cloud-based pen testing and asset monitoring with a single tool




We hold most of our data inside our Cloud infrastructure, which not many cybersecurity companies are focused on. Being able to have a thorough look at our Cloud security allows us to report our status to our clients and assure them we are taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity.”

Gabe Killian

VP Software Security, Procella Health

Great enterprise tools for risk assessments. We were up and running on the software in just one day. Very easy team to work with and extremely affordable for the amount of visibility and features you get.”

David Lewandowski

CTO, United Networks of America

Automation at Scale

Red Sentry’s agentless platform automates the entire vulnerability management process, including asset discovery and testing.




Actionable Reporting

Automated reports, generated in seconds, that provide high level summaries, in-depth vulnerability assessments, and resources for remediation.

Unlimited Reports

Actionable Intel


Compliance was a huge push for us this year. We signed on with Red Sentry in order to complete regular scanning of our externally facing assets, and the automated reporting has been extremely helpful.”

Michael Gordon

Head of Security, Derbyshire Group