Cybersecurity ACTION Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We think it should be Cybersecurity ACTION Month! Overhauling your security can be intimidating, but here’s how you can start off small.

Valentina Flores

October 20, 2021

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month from Red Sentry! 

Since 2013, October has been recognized as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an effort started by the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. This designation was an important step forward in acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity. However, 18 years later, passwords are still “password” and companies still operate without basic firewalls. 

Let’s transition from Awareness to Action

As hacking incidents rise and education efforts increase, we are becoming more and more aware of cybersecurity as a culture. Even in terms of offensive security, many people now understand the concepts of white hat hackers and penetration tests. 

And yet, we overwhelmingly see companies who are doing the bare minimum for security efforts, and even those efforts are only because some compliance framework is forcing them. 

If cars in your neighborhood were being broken into every night, wouldn’t you move your car into the garage? Or install a security camera? Or take your valuables out? Of course you would! And this same proactive approach has to be applied to securing your cyber environment. 

Start off small

I know there are a million blockers to adopting cybersecurity tools or policies: money, time, trust, too many options… but it doesn’t have to be an overhaul of everything all at once. Start off small. 

Here are a few simple examples that can make a huge difference:

  • A password change requirement can block out thousands of malicious hackers. 
  • Multi-factor authentication can block unauthorized access to your system. 
  • A penetration test can find holes in your wall and show you where to patch.
  • A vulnerability management tool can run in the background without any manpower.

Cybersecurity Action Challenge

My challenge to you: From wherever you are currently, take one step forward this quarter.

If you’re a cybersecurity giant already, look at more advanced tooling options or education for your employees (you can never have enough social engineering training). 

If your budget is limited, simply send out an email instructing everyone to change their password. 

If you aren’t sure what to look for or feel in over your head, sign up for a no-strings-attached demo of a product, to see if it could add value. (In my unbiased opinion, Red Sentry is a great place to start!)

Every little step can make a difference. 

You’re aware, now take action!

Valentina Flores

CEO, Cybercrime investigation, product implementation specialist, and enterprise program management. University of Florida BA, WGU MS

Red Sentry is an enterprise cloud penetration testing, asset tracking and monitoring platform designed to save time, operationalize security, and reduce costs.


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