ByteChek partners with Red Sentry

ByteChek and Red Sentry strategically partner up to provide pentests as well as compliance and third-party risk management for businesses.

Ann Dickinson

June 30, 2022

Release Date:
Thursday, June 30, 2022


ByteChek and Red Sentry strategically partner up to provide pentests as well as compliance and third-party risk management for businesses.

ATLANTA, June 30, 2022 – ByteChek, the all-in-one compliance automation company that simplifies cybersecurity compliance for companies of all sizes, today announced a strategic partnership with RedSentry, a next-gen cybersecurity company disrupting the market with their unique hybrid approach to annual pentests and continuous vulnerability management.

“Establishing an effective vulnerability management program can be challenging for organizations. Not only does Red Sentry provide fast, effective, and compliant penetration tests, but more importantly, they provide actionable and easy-to-understand reports. We’re excited to partner with RedSentry because like ByteChek, they help companies achieve their compliance and security goals while reducing time-consuming tasks, internal resources, and costs,” said Jamie Tomasello, COO of ByteChek.

With backgrounds in hacking and cybercrime investigations, Red Sentry’s founders Alex and Valentina set out to bring a more modern approach to the outdated, tedious, and reactive process that’s surrounded cybersecurity for years.

Though their backgrounds were different, Alex and Valentina had a mutual frustration with the reactive nature of cybersecurity and penetration testing, with so many companies spending millions of dollars just to play defense and respond to threats long after they surfaced. This is why Alex invented the Red Sentry software platform, a tool that could help people take action before becoming victims of a hack. Pairing this software with a team of seasoned pentesters, Red Sentry has created a hybrid approach that allows businesses to get a thorough pentest quickly, and then utilize the Red Sentry software to ensure year-around security. 

“We’re excited to partner with ByteChek because they are taking a traditional way of doing something and then doing it smarter. That’s what we’re all about at Red Sentry and it’s always great to work with like-minded, innovative companies” said Alex Thomas, Founder of Red Sentry. 

This partnership brings together two companies that are using innovative technology to get away from the “reactive” mindset that’s historically surrounded cybersecurity, and allow for effective penetration testing, security compliance, and third-party risk management. ByteChek’s automated compliance platform accelerates companies’ journey to earning SOC 2 and other cybersecurity compliance reports. 


About ByteChek

The ByteChek platform helps organizations of all sizes assess their cybersecurity posture efficiently and prove compliance faster. ByteChek enables companies to establish their security program, automate their readiness assessment, and complete their SOC 2 and other cybersecurity audits faster – all from a single platform.

About Red Sentry

Red Sentry is the industry leader in fast and affordable penetration testing. Their unique value comes in combining annual pentests with their automated platform, keeping customers protected 24/7/365. 

Ann Dickinson