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Log4Shell is inescapable, and companies must protect themselves from future vulnerabilities. The key is to use a combination of offensive and defensive tools.
Clouds in the sky
Cloud providers handle the technical end of security quite well. But cloud environments can still be exploited. Most of the time, it’s end users that are the problem.
Smart phone with apps
SIM swap scams are everywhere, and it is all too easy to become a victim of them. Although SIM swapping sounds technical, it is actually a form of social engineering, which means hacking humans instead of hacking technology.
Screen shot of Red Sentry detecting a subdomain takeover
It’s surprisingly easy for a malicious hacker to do a subdomain takeover. Here’s how to protect yourself from this type of attack.
Monster behind door
Getting hacked is far scarier than any Halloween costume!
Feet walking up steps
October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We think it should be Cybersecurity ACTION Month! Overhauling your security can be intimidating, but here’s how you can start off small.
A hand holding $100 bills on fire
Ransomware is becoming increasingly prevalent, and no company is immune. Here’s how to protect your business from a cyberattack, and why you shouldn’t pay a cyber ransom.
Red Sentry was named one of Infosec’s Products of the Month, highlighting our automatic pen testing and attack surface analysis as market differentiators.
Spider web in a spotlight
Hackers often go after a company’s database and use exposed credentials to do further harm. Here’s how you can protect yourself and monitor for database leaks.
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