Continuous SaaS Platform

You deserve a true peace of mind.

Monthly Red Sentry Exposures

Assets Monitored



High – 2,880

Medium – 13,661

Low – 938


High – 81

Medium – 782

Low – 193

Informational – 1,362

Key Features

Empower your team, deploy immediately, generate instant value after onboarding.

Asset Discovery

Easily identify and track all assets

  • Identify domains & sub-domains
  • Monitor cloud environments
  • Scan on-prem assets, easily

Expose Exploits

Automated tagging of exploits

  • Remove false positives
  • Auto tag exploits to CVE ID
  • Auto-grading of exploit severity

Continuous Pen-Testing

24/7/365 penetration testing

  • Scan for vulnerabilities
  • Be notified of new exploits
  • Monitor cyber-health score

Configurable Collections

Organize assets into hierarchies

  • Group assets however you need
  • Assign teams to collections
  • Build a hierarchy of collections

Organizational Teams

Build and assign teams

  • Organize users and assign teams
  • Permission-based hierarchies
  • Report on team productivity

Actionable Reporting

Generate reports for stakeholders

  • NIST-standard formatting
  • On-demand report generation
  • Scheduled reports & notifications

Discover and monitor all of your assets in one place!